Date                   20/03/2004 

Walk done by:    Jed & Barb.

Weather:            Very very windy. Heavy rain at times 

Distance            5.5 miles  

Started at:         Hartsop.

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The lane leading to Hartsop 

Shortly after leaving the village this impressive view of gray Crag appears  

Me on a bridge crossing Hayeswater Gill

Looking down the gill from the bridge in the picture above

One of the many gills on Brock Crags

Looking back down the ascent path as we approched Hayeswater 



At this point we took a path to the right which crossed Hayeswater Gill near the Filter House (bottom right)

Hayeswater Gill in full flow

Looking up Pature Bottom with Raven Crag in the centre of the picture.

Brotherswater is just visible below the ridge to Hartsop above How

The view of Brotherswater from Eden Beck on the slopes of Brock Crag

Thick moss in Calf Close woods


and the flooded fields on the northern side of Brotherswater. Brock Crags are beyond

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