Harter Fell

2552 feet

Date                    26/04/2008

Walks done by:  Jed, Susan, Paul and Troy

Weather:            Dry to start with but heavy rain from midday. Very windy in exposed places.

Distance             6 miles.

Started at:          Sadgill

It was fine as we left Leyland at 8.00, but I'd seen the forecast and it was not a good one for Cumbria. And so it proved. We made good time to Sadgill arriving around 9.30 - but unlike our last walk, it was not raining as we set forth!

It's quite a walk along the valley floor before the steepish climb begins and the track zig zags up towards Wrengill Quarry.

Troy was loving it as he had been off the lead all the way to the quarry, but know he was put on a lead as several sheep grazed in the flattish area known as Brownhowe Bottom. However, he was soon off again and we made the final steep push to the top of Gatescarth Pass. At the top we turned left and began the final climb to Harter Fell's eerie summit. Suddenly to our right wonderful views of Haweswater opened up, unfortunately so did the rain and wind. It became bitterly cold. Going in my rucksack for Troy's coat I realised I'd left it in the car. We carried on for 2 minutes then Troy really began to feel the effects as he has a very thin coat. He was shivering and whimpering so I told Paul and Susan to carry on and I would return to the car and get Troy out of the severe weather. After five minutes or so Haweswater disappeared from view and the wind stopped and the rain eased considerably.

Susan and Paul reached the summit in awful weather with little or no visibility and then made their way back along the same route. Troy and I got back an hour before them and we put the car heater on and had lunch and a cuddle.

As has so often happened, as we drove home the weather turned sunny as we reached Lancashire, where we were told it had been a lovely sunny day. Oh well better luck next time I hope

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Sadgill - bathed in sunshine s we set off


All the photo's below were taken using the camera on my mobile as I could not be bothered unpacking the camera from the rucksack



Susan, Paul and Troy begin the long walk along the old quarry track


Looking up the valley towards Gatescarth Pass



...and looking back towards Sadgill


Looking back to Goat Scar from near Wrengill Quarry


First view of Haweswater - with the rain coming in


Another view a few hundred yards later. It was here that I turned and took Troy back.


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