Catbells and Maiden Moor

1484 feet and 1887 feet respectively

Date                    5/10/2008

Walks done to:  Raise money for the Royal Preston Hospital Neurological Dept. as a thank you for the service given to our colleague Marian

Weather:            Beautiful

Distance             8 miles.

Started at:          Hawes End

This walk was done by 13 colleagues, family and friends to raise money for the above hospital. For many on this walk, it was their first experience of fell walking. The party had 4 children ranging from aged 6 to 12 and they were fantastic.

For an experianced walker it's considered one of the easier walks, for novices it is the perfect fell to gain experience. Its steep start, its superb ridge, followed by paths above steep slopes and some scrambling near the summit make this an ideal fell to introduce them to the delights of fell walking. However, slips and falls can happen to anyone and 13 turned out to be unlucky for one of our party, as Pam slipped on the very steep descent from Hause Gate. Thankfully after a check over at Kendal Hospital, no bones were broken, and so she limped into work a little late on Monday morning.

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Our party begin the steep climb right at the start of the walk



Hana and Emma with Causey Pike behind.


Taking a rest, there's more to climb yet



Already the views have opened up, and water is also needed


On the zig zag path engineered by Sir John Woodford. The steepness and height gain clearly shown


Plaque on the lower slopes


The first false summit - it's been steep and we have only walked half a mile!


Nearing the top of the false summit the true top comes into view beyond


Billy, with Hana and Sue behind


Billy on the superb ridge and the final slope to the summit beyond


The view looking back from the lower section of the summit climb. The Skiddaw massive is in the distance.


The start of the assault on the summit, top right of photo. Our party well split


Billy with the beautiful Newlands Valley behind.


Almost there, as Andrew and Sue take a breather....


..... and Pam smiles for the camera, whilst husband Paul takes in the with the fantastic views over Derwent Water.


The ridge from near Catbells summit


Done it. Billy, Pam, Emma, Jamie and Sue atop Catbells...


....whilst Hana and Naeem take the final few steps to get there.


... and get there they do.


Emma, Jamie and Sue on Catbells summit

The happy party on the top


Looking across Newlands Valley to Ard Crags and Causey Pike


Zooming in on a ferry from Catbells summit. This was meant to be our transport home - but too much water in the lake meant that the landing stages were under water and so no ride home for us this time.


Naeem, Hana, Sue and Jamie start the descent from Catbells as a man devours an unhealthy bag of crisps


Our party on path from Catbells to Maiden Moor


Not a great photo, but the only one I took showing our second target, Maiden Moor


The flooded fields in front of the Lodore Hotel - taken from Hause Gate


Looking back to Catbells from the lower slopes of Maiden Moor


A nice easy stretch - our group negotiate a wet section of the path


Looking back to the Catbells ridge and summit. Skiddaw in the distance


Troy pulls Emma, as he did all day whilst on the lead - no wonder she had stiff legs on monday!!


A view from Maiden Moor shows the steepness and height gained


Looking back to Catbells and the Skiddaw massive


Maiden Moor summit - and snack time


Andrew atop Maiden Moor


Locals enjoy the views


The start of the descent from Maiden Moor to Hause Gate


Emma and Troy before the descent to Hause Gate. I would just like to thank Emma for looking after Troy for most of the day. It was nice to have my arm at an angle other than 45 degrees


Emma and Jamie with Blencathra (l) and Dalehead (r) as a great background


Hana and Sue with Derwent Water behind


Troy admires the view - more likely seen a sheep


Pam waits as Emma puts the lead on Troy


What a view as we make the descent to the col


Troy returns from an inquisitive foray


The steep descent from Hause Gate


Concentration - as Jamie makes the final part of the descent


Billy and Naeem on a rock pinnacle


Hana and Sue descend with concentration showing.


Followed closely by Emma


Andrew has a moment, and takes in the scenery as he patiently waits for everyone to make the descent


We had intended catching a launch but as they weren't picking up - we walked back along the lakeside path, which in itself offers spectacular views , as this view to Walla Crag shows


One of the launches


And a closer view of it under Blencathra


Almost back at the car - a last view to Skiddaw


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