Brock Crags

1842 feet

Date                    26/01/2008

Walks done by:  Jed, Susan, and Paul

Weather:            Wet, very wet, oh and very windy in exposed places.

Distance             5 miles.

Started at:          Hartsop

It was fine as we left Leyland at 8.00, but I'd seen the forecast and it was not a good one for Cumbria. And so it proved. We made good time to Hartsop arriving around 9.30 - and it was raining! Paul immediately said he was putting his over trousers on and Susan and I followed suit.

Our original plan was to climb Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags, ascending by the path to Boardale Hause, doing the Pikes and then Brock Crags. A last minute change had us doing it the other way round starting off with the steep climb to Brock Crags.

So off we strode towards the Filter House, and then zig zagging up the side of Brock Crags. It was half way up that I realised my old over trousers weren't up to the job any more. The sheeting rain had forced its way through the fabric and my trousers were soaking. Susan had the same problem, and so it was going to be a long cold walk for the two of us. By 11.30 we had reached Brock Crags summit where the wind was ferocious. We didn't hang around and left for Angle Tarn, for shelter and for our lunch. We ate quickly as it was too cold and wet to stand around, and headed in the direction of Angletarn Pikes. Nearing them we decided it was better to leave them for another day as the wind and rain made it uncomfortable to attain the summits, better to get ourselves down.

Eventually arriving at the car - we changed into any dry clothes we had - and made our way to a pub. Eventually we arrived at the Eagle in Staveley, where we got a seat in front of the fire. Here I dried out my soaking trousers and regained a sense of comfort for the first time in five hours.

Having said all of the above we all really enjoyed the walk as it had been some considerable time since we had ventured out on the Lakeland Fells. One thing Susan and I learned was that decent over trousers should be our next purchase.

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Paul - with new watproofs, and dirty boots


All the photo's below were taken using the camera on my mobile as I could not be bothered unpacking the camera from the rucksack



It really was awful weather so no more photo's were taken till we reached Brock Crags summit. Here, the rain eased for a few seconds but the wind was relentless.


A glimpse of Angle Tarn from Brock Crags summit



Susan descends to Boardale Hause - Ullswater is just visible in the distance


Susan near Boardale Hause, with the bulk of Place Fell behind her.


Paul - well kitted out for the atrocious weather


Susan descends the path from Boardale Hause to Hartsop


And looking the other way - Patterdale and Ullswater are visible


On the lovely valley path to Hartsop



..and the waterfall is in full flow


Susan and Paul


And finally, as we enter Lancashire the weather has changed and we see a nice sunset from the M6

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